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Meet Dr. Shaffer

Dr. Jon Shaffer

Dr. Jon Shaffer

Dr. Shaffer was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1959, and he grew up with a love of the desert, forests, and mountains. Hiking, fishing, and lepidoptery in addition to the usual seasonal sports were childhood passions. He spent college years at Tulane University in New Orleans. He left Crescent City with a love of the South, good café au lait, rugby, and Pamela (his wife of 27 years).

Medical education took Dr. Shaffer to many diverse locations. From San Juan de Los Lagos, Michoacán and Guadalajara in Mexico, to New York City, Cleveland, Tucson, Phoenix, and finally Houston. Dr. Shaffer has enjoyed absorbing local culture, cuisine, and making friends in these varied locales. He moved to Houston in 1984 and has lived on the west side of town since then.

After completing a residency in Internal Medicine at University of Texas-Houston School of Medicine in 1988, he worked for 5 years in Copperfield before moving his practice to Southwest Houston, where he has been ever since. Dr Shaffer’s interests in medicine have evolved over the years. While he practices general Internal Medicine, he has developed special interests in Preventive Medicine, Preventive Cardiology, homeopathic and neutriceutical medical treatments, and the endocrinology and treatment of menopausal disorders.

Dr. Shaffer has many interests outside of medicine, and always seems to find some way to occupy free time. He enjoys playing an old Gibson guitar, playing harmonica, reading, gardening, hiking and traveling. He has always pursued spirituality, a constantly evolving endeavor. Trying to practice what he preaches, he has been involved with sports his entire life. He played rugby for his college team, tennis for years after finishing medical training, and for the past 8 years has enjoyed distance running. He has completed numerous marathons and half marathons. He will be only too happy to bore you with accounts of the thrill of lining up at the start of a race.

Dr. Shaffer has two daughters and a lovely wife to whom he is devoted. His family includes a very silly Standard Poodle, Lula, and his faithful companion, a Westie named Cody.