Shaffer Wellness and Weight Loss Clinic


Our goal at Shaffer Wellness and Weight Loss Clinic is to offer residents of Sugar Land, Missouri City, Greatwood, Greater Houston, and Fort Bend County effective treatments, tools, and strategies to overcome difficult medical problems. Whether you are having difficulty losing weight, hormonal or menopausal problems, difficulty quitting smoking, battling common allergies and hay fever, or dealing with obesity related medical problems, we have solutions that will help you succeed in overcoming these challenges. We also offer you help with a variety of other medical issues, including chronic fatigue, food intolerances, and yeast colonization. Please take a few moments to browse through the topics of interest to you.

We are a patient oriented practice, and strive to offer pathways to optimal health that maximize the use of natural therapies and minimize the use of pharmaceutical agents. Dr. Shaffer is a board certified internist, and is quite adept at using medications when necessary. However, in most instances natural therapies are the desirable and superior treatment choices. As Dr. Shaffer's patients will attest, he strongly emphasizes nutrition, exercise, and homeopathic or natural remedies to cure the majority of medical problems.

The Shaffer Weight Loss HCG Program

As obesity is a problem that erodes personal happiness, causes multiple health problems, and is taxing our national financial resources at an alarming and growing rate, we have designed a program that effectively allows one to lose weight quickly, dramatically, and with negligible risk and difficulty. Although prescription weight loss medication is a viable option for some people, the HCG weight loss option offers the safest and most rapid solution. Please visit our weight loss page to learn more about this proven, wonderful tool to help you get the pounds off fast.

Allergy Drops

Do you suffer with sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, sinus headaches, or a general dull wooly-headed feeling? These symptoms most likely are caused by hayfever. Allergy Drop therapy can help relieve your suffering. After performing skin testing to determine the source of one’s allergies, proteins from those allergens are presented to the immune system by droplet placed under the tongue. The drop should remain under the tongue for one to two minutes. Many studies have been done demonstrating efficacy and safety. This therapy can be done safely at home, as there have been no incidents of anaphylaxis reported after millions of doses of the allergy drops. And remember, as there are NO SHOTS there is NO PAIN!

Menopause - Hormone Replacement

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT, is a form of hormone therapy that addresses the difficult symptoms that occur in women around the time when the ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone. BHRT alleviates these symptoms.

Quit Smoking

Our treatment will remove the physical torment and you will not have a physical need to smoke. With a simple combination of medication that you take for two weeks, you can be free of your smoking addiction. Please visit the Smoking page to learn more.